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Our newest case studies (PDF):

The Distracted Leader - How the new generation of leaders differ from their predecessors

Global Consulting - The science of exceptional client leadership

Hiring for Success - Taking the guess-work out of Selection



Do you know what makes a
superior leader?

We do.

Burnham Rosen Group helps organizations achieve world-class performance by using its unique empirically-based methodology to:

  • Identify what differentiates top performing managers from their less successful peers
  • Predict the performance of individuals and groups
  • Develop average performing leaders into top performers

These are bold statements. Burnham Rosen Group clients have been experiencing the truth of them for 30 years. Our approach is based on scientific research and our goal is to impact the bottom line performance of client organizations directly, raise employee morale and develop a culture of accountability.


We have studied leaders who consistently produce top-quartile results and we offer more than theory and behavior-based assertion. Our interventions have consistently improved bottom-line performance of organisations, and we have the evidence to back up this claim. InterActive Leadership™ provides an attainable leadership model with a proven track record of success.

Read more, or contact us today to learn how we can help your organization achieve world-class performance.