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"If you want results to change, you cannot keep doing what you are doing."

Common wisdom, but here’s the problem: our attempts to "do" something differently and sustain a behavioral change fail two thirds of the time-- even when we believe that "doing it differently" is desirable. Why? Research gives us the answer. If our underlying thought patterns (motives) do not align with our new behaviors, the new behaviors will not be sustained. Consequently, many people believe, with good reason, that efforts to change don’t really work (unless we are in the early or formative stages of our career).

Our research and experience belie this assumption. Motives are only thoughts. And while they are largely unconscious, once an individual is aware of his/her thought patterns (motives) and how they impact behavior, new thoughts can be produced to change that behavior.

For example, a leader attempting to understand and help with a subordinate’s performance issue may attempt to employ well-known active listening skills (paraphrasing, reflecting, and summarizing). Yet, if while the leader is "actively listening" she is thinking "how can I get her to do it my way" or "I see how to solve this one," research shows that her thoughts will unconsciously sabotage the ultimate goal: enable her subordinate to actively "own" the problem and commit to doing something about it.

What is InterActive Coaching™?
InterActive leaders know that what is required in the above situation is a combination of empathy, authenticity and a focus on results. InterActive Coaching™ helps leaders become aware of their existing thought patterns in specific, critical work situations. Our coach helps them identify and produce the thought patterns that are more aligned with their goals and desired outcomes. The probability that results will then be achieved dramatically increases. Over time, this disciplined, systematic approach enables leaders to take full control of the change and to sustain it.

Most of our client assignments include a coaching component. Some are only short-term following the InterActive Leadership™ workshops, but many are medium to long-term coaching relationships that enable a leader to better strategically plan and sustain long-term change.

What are the results?
Our short and long term coaching clients report significant, sustained improvements. A recent study in a global investment bank compared units which had experienced InterActive Leadership™ and InterActive Coaching™ with units that did not — 15 months after the intervention. In addition to improved business results, the data showed that the units with trained and coached leaders saw themselves:

  • functioning more effectively as a team
  • better able to meet client goals
  • more clear about their responsibilities
  • more satisfied with of their accomplishments (pride in work)
In short, these leaders had produced better morale and a stronger organizational culture than their colleagues.