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InterActive Leadership offers a fresh perspective—an opportunity to benchmark against a model of world-class success supported by over 30 years of empirical research. Participants work with their whole selves—their inner motivations as well as their external, observable actions. During the workshop, participants embark on a path to develop the competencies needed to produce enhanced leadership performance; follow-up coaching ensures lasting results.

Based on the pioneering research of our founder, David H. Burnham, and Harvard psychologist Dr. David C. McClelland, we have identified not only how today’s superior leaders behave, but also, more importantly, how they think. Our research clearly indicates that these leaders produce a discernible thought pattern that drives and organizes their behavior. The result is world-class success. We call this the Thought-Action-Outcome Sequence™ of InterActive Power.

Workshop Overview

Using our unique training methodology, participants learn how to identify their thought patterns (motives) and experience the impact of those thoughts on their ability to lead. We then introduce the precise thought pattern of InterActive Power. Participants learn how to summon these new thoughts to meet the specific demands of today’s organizational environment: leading change, focusing on results, engaging groups, and acting with emotional intelligence.

Participants work through simulations, exercises and activities in each of these critical areas in order to:

  • Experience how their current thinking drives outcomes.
  • Identify what areas need the most development for them.
  • Develop specific goals for change.
  • Learn how to make the change(s) they identify.

Individual Leadership Assessment

Each participant receives a feedback report based on data gathered before the workshop. The report helps participants gain a deeper understanding of their motivation and power orientation and gives them a roadmap for improving performance in their role.
  • Motivation: insight into primary social motivation—achievement, affiliation and power; how motives affect leadership behaviors as well as the behaviors and performance of those who are led.
  • Power: insight into stages of power and how the inner world organizes and directs the Orientation approach to power and influence as a leader.

The included Motive Coaching session helps individuals use the feedback report to become aware of their existing thought patterns and the impact on their own business results and employee morale. BRG coaches then help leaders to identify and produce the thought patterns that will improve outcomes for their specific role and business circumstances, significantly increasing probability that these desired outcomes will be achieved. Over time this disciplined, systematic approach to coaching enables leaders to take full control of the change and to sustain it.


Program Agenda


The Research

Leadership and Motivation: A Scientific Approach
  • Overview of Motivational Psychology
  • What is a Motive?
  • The Three Social Motives

Leaders and The Power Motive

  • The Research
  • Stages of Power: InterActive Power


Case Study: Two Leaders, Two Results

InterActive Listening:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy, Authenticity, Mutuality

The Power Motive

What Drives Behavior?:
Motives, Thoughts & Actions
  • The Categories of Power
  • ThoughtActionOutcome Sequence™
  • Identifying Thought Patterns


Motives, Thoughts and Actions: An Experience in Power and Leadership

  • The Peace Game

InterActive Power and You

Applying InterActive Thought: Building Leadership Models
  • Motivational Assessment of Job Demands
  • Group Model Building


Your Motive Profile

  • Individual Feedback
  • What Does It Mean?

Goal Setting

Evaluation and Completion


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