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The Burnham Rosen Group Organizational Culture Survey is designed to measure how people feel about the norms and expectations in their workplace. While there is no definitive ‘better’ or 'worse' culture, this survey is designed to measure people’s perceptions about norms and expectations.

There are four major categories which the survey measures:

  • Results Orientation – The extent to which people perceive the organization focuses on accomplishing its goals.
  • Engaging the Group – The extent to which people perceive that they are members of a team where they and the groups of which they are a part have the authority they need to accomplish their goals and will be held accountable for doing so.
  • Emotional Intelligence – The extent to which people are aware of their own values, purpose, feelings and moods, and able to understand, work and communicate with others and maintain relationships.
  • Leading Change – The extent to which the organization encourages moderate risk-taking through valuing mistakes and learning from them; also measures the quality of dialogue – are opposing points of view encouraged and considered? Is paradox embraced or eliminated?