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About Us
Our logo symbolizes our ever-changing world. It is origami — a folded polygon that can flex so that visible facets disappear, hidden facets emerge, and patterns shift, change, and recur.
Burnham Rosen Group is dedicated to developing and supporting world-class leadership within organizations around the world. To that end, we offer the finest research-based leadership development products and consulting services.

Our approach is to apply the scientific discipline of empirical research to the art of leadership development. By continuously questioning and testing our own theories, we learn to distinguish between "what makes sense" and what really works (produces quantifiable outcomes). We apply what we have learned over the past 30 years to help leaders produce world-class business results, improve employee morale and create a culture of accountability in their own organizations.

Our team combines decades of in-depth leadership benchmarking expertise, and a solid record of implementing strategic change with major organizations around the globe.

The BRG Team

David H. Burnham
David Burnham is a partner at Burnham Rosen Group that specializes in strategic business planning, organizational change, and leadership development from its US and UK offices. Burnham Rosen is distinguished from its competitors by its "collaborative approach to business planning and its use of research and empirical data.”

David, together with his former business partner and Harvard professor the late David C. McClelland, pioneered the field of competency assessment and development through the use of the behavioral event interview in the 1970’s. Their work in competency assessment was initially conducted for a host of organizations including: The U.S. State Department; the United States Navy; the Dept. of Commerce: Office of Minority Business Enterprise; the Manpower Career and Development Administration, City of New York. Later as competency assessment and development became a validated and better known set of tools and concepts, David Burnham, then President and CEO of McBer and Company (now Hay-McBer, the leading behavioral science research firm of the 1970’s), extended the research and the methodology to American industry. The best known output of that period is the McKinsey award winning Harvard Business Review article by McClelland and Burnham, Power Is The Great Motivator, republished in Jan-Feb 2003 as an HBR classic. That article reported on the competencies of successful American managers and created a wide spread surge of interest and experimentation in the field of competency assessment and development.

David has also continued to pursue his interest in leadership and leadership development. In the late 1980’s the competencies, which he and David McClelland had identified in the mid-1970’s as those distinguishing successful leaders from average leaders, were no longer predicting superior business performance. Accordingly, in 1992, he initiated a five year study in eight countries (Europe, Asia, the Americas), thirteen industries. He followed leaders delivering first quartile business performance and high employee morale in their industries and compared them to those delivering average performance.

This research has led to the development of Burnham Rosen’s workshop to develop the competencies his research identified, InterActive Leadership™; it also underlies Burnham Rosen Group’s executive coaching practice. The workshop, developed in 1999, is now being widely offered including: Fidelity Investments, BBDO, Lloyds, Pfizer, Accenture, Mitre Corp., Morgan Stanley, State Street, Boston Financial, Convergent Technologies, Parexel, SunLife, Harvard University, GNER (UK), Atomic Weapons Establishment (UK), the Benedictine Order, and the British Cabinet Office to name just a few.

David Burnham was also President and CEO of publicly-traded Intermedia Systems Corp. Intermedia (a producer of hardware and software for multi-media entertainment and educational presentations, owner of sound studios, an earning company and a film producer) was bankrupt when Burnham was hired to turn this Cambridge, MA-based firm around. Within one year the firm had regained both revenue growth and profitability.

David Burnham holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was the Willard Prescott Smith Fellow. He has taught at a number of Universities and Management Institutes including: Adjunct Professor, Harvard Business School, University of Hawaii, East-West Center, University of South Florida; Australian Institute of Management, Barbados Institute of Management, Institute for Unternehmensfuhrung (Vienna) and Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, NY where he taught a graduate course in Management of High Technology Organizations for Northup Grumman leaders.

Amery A. Burnham
Amery Burnham is the Director of Research and Programs in the U.S. office of Burnham Rosen Group. She develops research studies, culture change interventions, custom programs for Burnham Rosen Group clients and supporting materials for InterActive Leadership, InterActive Sales and InterActive Influence. Amery focuses on the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, learning, motivation and outcomes and is currently completing a graduate degree in Mind, Brain & Education in Howard Gardner and Kurt Fischer’s program at Harvard. Formerly the director of The Jacobson Group’s Teaming and Global Leadership Practice, Amery has worked with organizations in a broad variety of sectors to design and manage complex organizational change. Emphasizing strategy integration with leadership interventions and collaboration, Amery has provided training and training programs for global leaders, teams and networks. Areas of expertise include the development of learning and just-in-time knowledge systems, 360° feedback systems, integrated performance management / strategic alignment systems, collaborative activity value analysis and sales and marketing analysis integration. She specializes in working with senior leadership to design and implement strategic directives. Amery majored in Anthropology with a primary emphasis on mythopoesis at Vassar College. She is a former member of the Learning Network, the Virtual Teaming Alliance and is currently developing an InterActive Leaders daily journal for success orientation.

Katy Weston
Katy Weston joined the Burnham Rosen Group to establish and manage the European office from the UK. She has over 20 years’ experience in human resources management and organization development within leading FMCG and direct marketing companies. She has worked on business strategy, acquisition, organization and culture change as a Board Director. She has introduced and delivered new initiatives in human resources, communications, training, performance management and talent development programmes. As an internal consultant and coach, Katy has worked with directors and managers at all levels in multiple sites and settings. Katy has built a network of associates to deliver programmes for the Burnham Rosen Group within the UK and across Europe.

Martin Codrington
Martin Codrington has facilitated BRG programs and has provided coaching to a variety of clients including: Morgan Stanley, AWE, Teradyne, and the Great North Eastern Railway Company. He has worked extensively with management competencies, designing assessment and development centres for recruitment and leadership. His business experience over the past 33 years has included training and facilitation, organizational consulting and line management. He has worked in the retail, manufacturing, transport, hotel, financial and legal services and high technology sectors.

Sheelagh Dunn
Sheelagh has worked as a consultant occupational psychologist for over 8 years, working with organisations and leaders to identify and harness skills and potential for the benefit of the business. She has worked extensively with both private and public sectors in assessment, development, organisational change, and leadership and team coaching. Other key skills she offers are in facilitation, team working, problem solving and strategic planning. Clients include retail organisations, the financial sector, logistics, telecommunications, the NHS and government departments including business development and defence. Sheelagh is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Occupational Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. She is a Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology, and a founder member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (British Psychological Society), as well as a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Lorie Farrell-Thurbon
Lorie has over 15 years’ experience of providing consultancy, primarily at Board level, to a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sectors, including Government, healthcare insurance, software, tourism, High Street banking and publishing. Before joining Burnham Rosen Group, Lorie worked within the St Ivel company, a £350m subsidiary of Unigate plc, spending four years as its Director of Finance. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and is a member of the CIMA Panel of Assessors.

Rob Hartz
Rob Hartz is an organization consultant with 25 years’ experience in growing businesses through planned change, leadership development, executive coaching and strategic consultation. He has consulted with business leaders in North America, Europe, and Asia as an employee of two industry leaders, Fidelity Investments and Digital Equipment Corporation. Rob was recognized twice as being a top trainer at Digital Equipment where he specialized in sales leadership training and later was selected to facilitate the prestigious Advanced International Management Program. Rob has authored and published several articles on performance outcomes. His research is cited in Foundations of Human Resources (2009) by Richard Swanson and Elwood Holton.  At Fidelity Investments, he helped executives in brokerage, operations and technology in planning and executing significant change efforts in a way that strengthened the organization, raised morale, and produced superior results. Beyond his leadership development work in financial services and technology, Rob’s experience includes coaching and consulting work in health services, medical research, media, retail, energy, global consulting, and higher education. He began his career as an Outward Bound Instructor. He is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and has a Masters Degree from Minnesota State University in adult experiential education. Rob served on the editorial board of Organization Dynamics, a publication of American Management Association for eight years.

Rob Jackson
Rob has over 13 years’ experience in human resource development and organisational change, having previously held senior positions in line and operational management, mainly within the energy and defence sectors. As a development specialist Rob has worked as a business partner with directors and senior managers, both in a coaching role and project managing change programmes at organisational level. He has worked extensively with motive based training and development approaches. He is a lead trainer for InterActive Leadershipä workshops for Burnham Rosen Group and has substantial experience within the local government, health care, defence and financial sectors. In addition to the delivery of workshops and coaching programmes, Rob is involved in the use of motive based approaches in research studies into performance and in selection and assessment projects. Rob has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. He has extensive experience working with business standards such as ISO Quality Standards, Investors in People and the European Foundation for Quality Management Business Excellence model.

Deni Lyall
Deni worked for the Mars Corporation for 14 years, in a variety of Operational and T&D Management roles. With 12 years line management and budget experience, Deni has handled many performance and development issues. For the past 15 years, Deni has worked in the area of personal and team development, with a proven track record of achieving results linked to business objectives. Deni enjoys working across all sectors and roles. Deni has worked within Europe and the USA. She has industry experience working within manufacturing, defence, financial sector, the service industry, and charities; from blue chip and city organisations to private and public sector companies. Deni is a Chartered Electrical / Electronics Engineer and a graduate from Imperial College, London.

Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips has 30 years’ experience in Human Resources Strategic Development both as a consultant and as part of senior management teams. He has held Human Resource positions at Ford, Unigate, Wincanton, Arlington Motor Group, the Sears Retail Group, and Freemans Plc. Since 1999, he has been Category Auditor for the Employee Development section in the UK HR Excellence Awards. Graham led the first major UK initiative on the franchising of previously managed businesses covering some 5,000 milk rounds for Unigate Dairies. His work leading the development of Best Practice Blueprints in the Sales, Service, and Parts Functions led to the achievement of three industry awards for excellence in Customer Service. He has published articles on HR Strategic Development and on Investors in People Recognition. He is currently a senior member of the Investors in People Recognition Panel for London and is a visiting research fellow to the Derbyshire Business School.

Rob Sheffield
Rob Sheffield has over 20 years of in-house and consulting experience in in diverse industries such as educational publishing, direct marketing, aerospace and the health sector. Rob has a track record in promoting and enabling change working with key individuals. He now spends his time as a consultant and coach helping individuals and teams create meaningful purpose and sustain behaviour change. He lectures part-time at the University of the West of England on several post-graduate programmes. Rob has an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and is studying for a PhD looking at how complex organisational processes affect creativity and innovation.