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Burnham Rosen Consulting blends our extensive business experience and background in research-based motivational psychology to provide our clients with a perspective that combines an understanding of the technical and human sides of business.

We help you balance strategic thinking and managerial judgment with hard data, researching the facts to examine assumptions and beliefs that can either hold you back or lead you to success. We help you implement the optimal mix of knowledge and process to achieve your concrete business objectives. We can help you and organization:

  • identify what makes your high performers so effective
  • understand how your organizational culture impacts your bottom line
  • create a people development strategy that delivers improved business performance
  • focus your people on overall strategic goals and link all activities to them.

In addition, we provide performance coaching to senior and mid-level executives using our unique, motive-based approach. Senior leaders learn how their thoughts drive their actions and how to “work” those thoughts to produce improved morale, accountability and results.

To learn more about how we can help your organization and its people, contact us today.