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Driving Sales
Tailored Training & Coaching: InterActive Sales Leadership™ and InterActive Sales™
Both programs employ BRG’s trademark Thought-Action-Outcome™ process based on over 30 years of scientific research and training experience. BRG coaches work individually with every participant to apply what they have learned to their own situations. These programs have been shown to actually change the way people behave and measurably improve performance.
Coaching Networks
Not only can we help you learn what differentiates your best sales people from the rest, we can help you turn them into highly effective coaches, creating a network of in-house experts who drive sales and also know how to develop others.
Consulting for Sales
Performance and Selection
We can show you how to use the data we provide to tailor your compensation and performance management systems to maximize impact with your clients and customers. We can also help you select sales people that have a higher probability of success in your sales environment.

What makes your best sales people so good?

When you think about your best sales people, do you find yourself wondering what makes them so successful? Why do they do better than their peers? If you can answer that question and teach others that “secret,” then you’re really onto something. At Burnham Rosen Group we have helped organizations do just that... and we can help your organization do the same.

It’s how they think!

pie chartsThrough empirical research with thousands of extraordinary sales people. We've found that it is not how they behave that accounts for success: there are literally hundreds of strategies that extraordinary sales people use. What actually distinguishes successful sales people is how they think: how they conceptualize their role, how they “see” their clients or customers, and how they understand the sales process. Our research shows that the way they think has a measurable impact on the bottom line and it drives significantly higher performance, month after month and year after year.

Find out what makes your best people successful!

While there are clear commonalities across all successful sales people and leaders, what you really want to know is: what is success in your business? Burnham Rosen Group can help you find out. We use our proven “motive-based” empirical process to determine how your best people think about selling and how that differs from your average performers. Once we understand that, we can create a developmental approach tailored to the needs of your situation.

And our results are measurable.

results chartAt Burnham Rosen Group - in every workshop, in every client engagement, the goal is always the same: measurably improve performance. We help our clients identify the levers of success, then track and measure progress. Time after time, the results are clear: we can do more than claim to improve performance, we can prove it.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you deliver superior performance!